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Sleep Smarts for Babies 6 to 12 Months

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$40 for individuals, $65 for couples

Are you struggling with your child’s disruptive and exhausting sleep habits? Whether it’s a constant challenge or you’re simply ready for a more peaceful routine, this two-hour sleep education workshop uses a gentle approach to arm you with specific information and actions that dramatically improve your nighttime parenting experience. You will learn about the importance of sleep and gentle strategies to improve your child’s day and night sleep—as well as sleep coaching secrets to smooth the process.

The Event On 4/22 Was Canceled

A Woman's Work @ 5110 Buffalo Speedway, 2nd floor Houston TX 77005

Questions: 858-224-3637

5 Things That Kept Your Child Awake Last Night

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$20 for individuals, $30 for couples

This 45-minute talk helps parents discover the five things that may be compromising their child’s nighttime sleep.


The Right Start: Sleep Education for Newborns (0-5 Months)

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$40 for individuals, $65 for couples

Learn about newborn sleep and some helpful methods to shape the foundation of healthy sleep habits in this two-hour workshop for parents, expectant parents, and caregivers.