How Gentle Sleep Coaching works with Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching

Helping you help your child

As a trained and certified Gentle Sleep Coach℠ I am a pediatric sleep expert. I have helped over 600 families all over the country and Canada. Together, we develop and implement a customized sleep plan to help your child to independently fall asleep and stay asleep. I teach you how to provide reassuring, parentally supported, gradual change that results in improved sleep habits and a well-rested family. 

Gentle sleep coaching promotes good sleep habits and builds your parent-child bond. The sleep plan and pace are customized to your child and to your parenting philosophy. You’ll give your child verbal and physical reassurance while gently working towards behavioral modification. I follow American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for safe sleep practices, so you’re always in good hands.

First, I collect real data to craft a custom approach

  • I gather and review detailed client history and temperament assessment information on you, your child, and your current situation.
  • I review multiple day and night sleep logs
  • I provide robust information and resources on age-appropriate physical and cognitive development as it relates to the newest sleep science

Second, I consult with you and your partner

  • We discuss your situation, history, and goals in a focused, two-hour live consultation.
  • We co-create your individualized sleep plan, one that works for your family schedule and parenting values.

It’s essential that both parents attend the sleep consultation. A united front creates consistency, and this is the key to success. Furthermore, our consultation needs your total focus, as it’s very detailed and interactive. Therefore, I ask that you have childcare during this time.  

Then, TADA! The MAGIC HAPPENS – We implement your sleep plan

  • I “hold your hand” by telling you exactly what to expect and how to attend to your child at bedtime and during night wakings, as well as how to handle naps.
  • You benefit from 2.5 hours of LIVE phone support as you work your plan over 2-3 weeks.
  • I review your sleep logs daily in order to evaluate progress and pace and provide step-by-step, day-by-day adjustments.
  •  I guide you through a proven system to increase confidence, consistency, collaboration with your partner, and—ultimately—sleep success.