These products simplify sleep coaching.

When you’re a sleep-deprived parent trying to do your best, you need help, support, and resources. Yet, sifting through the information available online (especially when your eyeballs feel so heavy!) can be overwhelming. Here, I’ve provided some of my insider tips and some recommended products.

Best Sleep Monitors, Ranked

The best advice on how to choose the best baby video monitor.

Lully Sleep Guardian

Developed by a physician and father, the Lully Sleep Guardian is the first proven non-medication solution to stop night terrors. With over 10,000 nights of testing, the Lully Sleep Guardian has stopped 75% of night terrors.

The Good Nite Lite

The Good Nite Lite helps children ages 3-5 grasp the concepts of day and night—and, with a built-in visual timer, teaches them when it is permissible to get up in the morning.

Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock

Teach children to stay in bed at night.

Travel Cot Shade

This shade goes over your pack-n-play, so your child’s sleeping space is dark for naps or bedtime, or when room-sharing.

Phil and Ted’s Travel Cot

This is a safe, light, and comfortable travel cot, and it’s also useful for kids who climb out of cribs.

Ultimate Car Seat Guide

Practical tips to keep kids safe in cars.

Good Night Sleep Tight by Kim West

Kim West, LCSW-C, known to her clients as The Sleep Lady®, has developed an alternative and effective approach to helping children learn to gently put themselves to sleep without letting them “cry it out”—an option that is not comfortable for many parents.

Good Night Sleep Tight Workbook

Good Night Sleep Tight Workbook is the essential companion to the best selling book, Good Night Sleep Tight, by The Sleeplady, Kim West. The book includes a step-by-step guide for parents, is organized by age and by process, and is the key to sleep coaching success.


Evoz has also recently launched their brand new, long-range WiFi baby monitor, Evoz vision. Parents can use the monitor to view their babies from their iOS and Android devices at home or from anywhere — easily check in with baby and family from the office or even the other side of the world. And, it also includes some amazing technology that tracks when the baby wakes up. If you have trouble logging those late night crying sessions, this monitor takes care of it automatically.

Wonder Bumpers

These safe crib bumpers fit around crib rails, promoting good air circulation but preventing children from climbing the rails.

Rockabye Baby Rentals

No matter where you travel, you can enjoy delivery of safe full size cribs and all the baby gear to make the best of your vacation or Grandparent visit.


Snug Bug Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket helps fidgety kids who need sensory input. Available on

Zipadee Zip

The Zipadee Zip is a swaddle transition blanket—perfect for the baby outgrowing a swaddle.

The Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Blanket is the only true swaddling blanket designed to help your baby sleep.

Happi Tummi

This 100% natural external herbal remedy offers relief for colic, gas pain, and stomachaches—and helps calm fussy babies. It’s a warm herbal pouch that fits into a washable waistband around the baby.

White Noise Selections

An excellent selection of white noise CDs. Keep in mind: choose a white noise machine or CD player that’s portable (uses batteries as well as a cord, for instance).

Low Bluelights

These are glasses and lights for naturally maximizing melatonin to improve sleep and health.


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