Preschoolers have strong opinions and iron wills. Sleep-coaching these children takes a creative approach and profound patience — with my expert guidance, my families find success. 


"When I called Joanna for help with our three-year-old’s sleep issues, my husband and I were at the end of our ropes.  We had been struggling for months to help our son get to sleep and stay asleep on his own but nothing worked and it left the whole family physically and emotionally exhausted.

The first time I spoke with Joanna I felt like there was hope and that she understood what my son was going through.  When we worked with her, we saw changes right away. After a few weeks of working closely, our son was sleeping through the night and we had our lives and sanity back."
– Tyler Q., San Diego, CA, 3-year-old


"Joanna has changed our lives and I cannot sing her praises loud enough. She taught me that good sleep CAN be learned, even by a strong willed 3-year-old! We were all profoundly exhausted. Joanna was wonderful to work with—knowledgeable and experienced, and willing to listen to what our family needed. She gave me the confidence to keep going, and has given Max the confidence to put himself to sleep and STAY asleep."
– K. Thompson, New York, NY, 3-year-old


"I desperately needed help during a really challenging period with my two-year-old and a new baby. With my husband away much of the time, all the sleep routine fell to me, and I was losing my sanity. After Joanna’s help, my son now sleeps in his own room, in his crib, by himself. I cannot tell you how much better our quality of life is, and I owe it all to Joanna."
– Zole E., Mission Viejo, CA, 2-year-old


As mother of a 3.5 yr old daughter, I was stressed out about her broken sleep and super tired. We dreaded the nights due to stress of knowing we would likely have to deal with 4 wakings. People kept telling us, she will grow out of it and they will sleep eventually. I am here to tell you…you don’t have to wait to grow out of it. In working with Joanna, in 2 weeks time my daughter was sleeping through the night and bedtime is easy. I now have tools to help her sleep and Joanna gave me a wealth of information.. I am feeling great. My husband and I have our evenings back and Life is totally different now! My husband and I are so appreciative.

- Jessica S. San Diego, CA. Child was 3.5 yrs of age at time of sleep coaching.

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