You're here to reclaim peaceful nights and enjoy stress-free days for yourself and your child. In order to compliment my existing services, I have partnered with innovative companies that offer affordable programs and products to further assist you. When you purchase one of these products or services through the links provided, I do receive a small portion of the proceeds as an affiliate partner (at no extra cost to you). The proceeds allow me to cover expenses in order to keep the resources on the website 100% free to you. Thank you for supporting my expanded coaching services.

Adults: Get sleep NOW! Step-by-step approach to improve adult sleep

Go To Bed Online Program: 14 Easy Steps to Healthier Sleep

Many parents ask me about how to fix their own sleep once their child is sleeping through the night! This comprehensive, downloadable e-book is a step-by-step resource for getting better, healthier sleep. Based on the latest and greatest in scientific research as well as real-world cases, the on-line program is $19.99 and is available now.

Newborns: Infant weekly on-line guidance for babies 0-6 months.

Gentle Baby Solutions by Kim West, LCSW-C

Is your baby under 6 months? I offer Gentle Baby Solutions, a gentle sleep primer for infants younger than 6 months created by Kim West, LCSW-C with collaborators Andrea Strang and Heather Irvine. When your baby is an infant, sleep is still developing—and you need to use a specialized approach. This program provides you age-appropriate content each week as your baby grows and develops, and it includes more than 50 sleep tips, 12 podcasts, and over 3 hours of webinars.

Stop Night Terrors with the Lully Sleep Guardian

Lully Sleep Monitor

Developed by a physician and father, the Lully Sleep Guardian is the first proven non-medication solution to stop night terrors. With over 10,000 nights of testing, the Lully Sleep Guardian has stopped 75% of night terrors. Put it to work for you—and bring back peaceful nights.