Newborn Sleep Shaping: 0-6 Months

The newborn phase is a delicate period of development. I can help you feel knowledgeable and comfortable with the appropriate sleep expectations for the first 6 months of your child’s life.


Your "birth-team" has a new member! A Trained and Certified Sleep Coach is the logical "next step" to ensure sleep health for proper development.

"I like to think of Joanna as another member of of birth team. It made a huge difference to get support from our pediatrician, midwives, and lactation consultant after our baby was born, and likewise it made a significant impact to have a knowledgeable resource and support person to assist us with sleep health. Our baby has learned key skills and we are all getting the sleep we need, so our whole family is functioning at a higher level, in better health and better moods. We will definitely be coming back to work with her when our family expands again!"

-K. White, Bay Area, CA. Her child was 6 months at time of guilt-free, gentle sleep coaching


Read everything and still confused? This mom got the answers.  

Have you read every book and every article and "tried everything" and your child still does not sleep through the night? This mom had the same experience, but instead of continuing the struggle, she asked for help and now her child is a magnificent sleeper. Here is her honest and detailed success story here.

- Erin B. Houston, TX. Here child was 6 months old at time of Guilt-Free, Gentle Sleep Coaching sleep coaching.


"My husband and I had our first baby a little later in life, and we got plenty of warning before she arrived about how our sleep would change. Joanna’s Sleep Shaping Seminar for newborns educated me and gave me the foundation to help my daughter develop healthy sleep habits when only a few weeks old. Our baby girl is now four months old, and a complete delight!  She “tells” us she’s sleepy, we carry her to her crib, wrap her in her sleep sack, she plays with her toes for a minute, rolls onto her side and nods off peacefully like a tiny angel! We owe so much of our baby girl’s happiness to learning these vital techniques."
– Danyelle C., San Diego, CA A newborn at time of Gentle Sleep Shaping


"As a new mom I had no idea what I didn’t know, and by the time Brooklynn was three months old I was completely overwhelmed with many things but mostly napping (or lack there of). Brooklynn went from sleeping all the time to struggling to sleep even when she was clearly tired, which resulted in a grumpy baby and an exhausted mom. Joanna helped me with sleep shaping and sleep education, including what is realistic at each age and stage."
– Lindsey T., San Diego, CA


"Sleep-shaping really helped me as a new mom. I really appreciated the one-on-one guidance, reassurance, and personal help navigating the difficulties of a 3-month-old “alert” baby."
– Jennifer H., San Diego, CA


 "Joanna from Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching is an angel!  She was the right support we needed to get our son to self-soothe and stay asleep for the night.  While I knew I could read the books and figure it out how to sleep train on our child on our own, a month ago I could not see straight and was so tired I just needed someone to tell me what to do!  My husband and I spent endless hours rocking our son, Rowen, to sleep, and just when we finally got him down, Rowen would wake up multiple times during the night for us to pacify him or give him a bottle only two hours before he woke up for the day.  We were exhausted running back and forth between our rooms and rarely got long stretches of sleep that we needed.  Joanna was patient through all my questions (and believe me, I had tons!), and she was able to guide us through the entire process even when we went “rogue” right before the actual training began.  Now, Rowen falls asleep on his own at naptime and bedtime and can self-soothe through arousals during the night.  As for the hours we spent rocking, we now use them to do more productive things like make dinner, do laundry, work or spend quality spouse time together at the end of the day.  We are so much happier and more rested than we were weeks ago!  I would not hesitate to do sleep coaching again, and I will definitely be keeping Joanna on speed dial for all my questions in the future!"😊

-E. Busch, Houston, TX Baby Boy was 6 months at time of Gentle Sleep Coaching


Before Gentle Sleep Coaching, list 2-3 most difficult issues that resulted in your child not sleeping. 

Just weeks after Ella was born she developed what  specialists called “extreme colic.” She was very uncomfortable and would scream and cry for hours and hours on end day and night inconsolably. So much so she would shake and choke  and even momentarily stop breathing. Doctors don’t fully understand colic or what causes it but pretty much they just say “ they will grow out of it.” In addition to this, she developed reflux and would throw up constantly and was in pain from the reflux. Coupled with these medical conditions she is a very highly sensitive and high alert baby and was not able to regulate herself and she was waking up every 1-2 hrs at night crying hysterically and needed mom to put her back to sleep with either bottle or rocking or both. With reflux being the #1 sleep disrupter, this was leading to Ella not sleeping well at all along with babies just not knowing how to regulate and self soothe themselves to sleep.

  • How were the above problems impacting your life…list as many as you can.

As a mom and a protector, this was devastating because I felt there was nothing I could do to help my baby girl. I felt like a failure and even developed post pardum depression and had anxiety every evening leading up to the night time because I knew it would be a long dreadful and painful night. Even the little bit Ella would sleep at night, I still was not able to sleep due to anxiety. I began to unravel physically as I started getting sick from no sleep. I also came apart emotionally and psychologically due to lack of sleep. This affected my marriage to my wonderful loving and supportive husband.

  • What finally had your say “enough is enough” that inspired you to reach out for help by working with a sleep coach.

 Even with my husbands support I was at the end of my rope and I didn’t think I could take another day because I wasn’t sleeping at night or during the day for weeks and months on end. I called Joanna out of pure desperation and prayed she could help my family. Then in the midst of all of this when Ella was just 5 ½ months old, I found out I was pregnant with # 2. While babies are always a miracle and a blessing this one was not planned and unexpected. While I reached out to Joanna just a couple days before we found out this news, the news of #2 led to an even more desperate and critical situation

  • What was one your favorite aspects of Gentle Sleep Coaching and working with me.

I was really impressed and appreciated more than anything how much time and effort Joanna took to understanding our story and my baby and the entire puzzle pieces of our situation. She became a  team member on behalf of “ Ella’s team to her sleep and therefore give everyone the gift of sleep. You will never fully understand how vital sleep is until you are deprived from it. She had me fill out a lengthy series of questions to understand every detail of Ella and her demeanor, her health and background. The questions also included questions about me and my husband who play a big part of the puzzle fitting together. I felt assurance and very comfortable knowing Joanna was going to help us train Ella until we reached our goal. I didn’t think twice about the money spent because it is nothing compared to the gift and the knowledge and strength it gave us. I felt supported by Joanna and I appreciated the follow up calls every day. I always had questions and she never hesitated to answer with confidence and sincerity. Also, nothing was set in stone as we tweaked the plan as we went depending on how comfortable we felt as parents and how Ella did the night before. There is a true science behind babies sleep and having a knowledgeable professional like Joanna coach you through it and hold your hand while you are falling apart at the seams is life saving and life changing and you can’t put a dollar amount on that. Little Ella had a lot of “challenges” stacked against her from the start. She had colic, reflux, very alert and hard to calm down, met her milestones very early, and also rejecting the sleep crutches that used to work. All of these are big time sleep disrupters. Even with all of this, with the help and gentle coaching of Joanna, Ella was sleeping through the night and sleeping 11-12 hours without feeding or any sleep crutches in just 2 weeks! All in her own crib. This is all truly mind blowing but Joanna helped us by giving us a plan that we felt comfortable with and could trust. It was very gentle which is huge for a mom who can’t stand to hear or let her baby cry. Teaching and training your baby to teach themselves to self soothe themselves back to sleep and sleep through the night without mom and dads help is critical for their health and development as well as the parents and other siblings in the house. It’s the best gift you can give your baby and yourself and spouse

  • Now that your child is sleeping well, what are some of the tangible and specific results you have experienced in your life. (i.e.: I am rested and calmer so I am more patient with both my child and husband. My marriage is happier because we finally get to do date night again and have evenings to ourselves)

Since Ella has been sleeping through the night, I am sleeping so well and my marriage is restored. Ella now goes to bed at 6:30 pm and we even have our nights back to enjoy a meal and each other. I am not irritable or over whelmed any longer and I also no longer need medication for post pardum depression. I feel like a new woman and also like myself again. I can enjoy Ella so much more now and she is so much of a happier baby during the day!!

The plan worked so well that we had some time left to nap train which is crucial for babies night time sleep. The nap training went well and Ella is taking 3 solid naps a day while putting herself to sleep in her crib and sleeping 1-2 hrs per nap!  I can say I’m a big believer in Joanna’s approach to Gentle Sleep Coaching and highly recommend her for anyone struggling with their newborn, infant, or toddlers sleep!

- Kate P. Houston TX Child was 6 months at time of Gentle Sleep Coaching


"We met Joanna serendipitously on a beach in Santa Cruz when our baby was only 5 weeks old. It was sunset and our friends were doing a surf paddle out, Joanna and I just got to chatting while I held my baby and she said she was a sleep coach. I had never heard of such a thing.

Months later when we began to feel ready to sleep train, it felt overwhelming to go through all the books and select something that would work for us, even those recommended by friends and family. Then I remembered Joanna, who had invited me to call her when this moment came.

Baby was co-sleeping her first months and I loved it—the closeness was so sweet and we were able to sleepily nurse with little trouble. It felt like heaven to be near her and feed her through the night. We had planned for this to be a short term arrangement though, we knew we would want our marital bed back and for her to be more independent.

When we started working together our baby was going to bed with me at 10pm with wake ups every 2-3 hours. Within a month she was sleeping 11 hours through the night in her own room. Making that happen process-wise was tailored just to us— Joanna created a plan with and guided us through it nightly. As new parents this was awesome, but also as husband and wife it was incredible because we were entirely on the same page and didn’t have any middle of the night squabbles, hurt feelings or miscommunication. We were a united team thanks to Joanna.

"I like to think of Joanna as another member of of birth team. It made a huge difference to get support from our pediatrician, midwives, and lactation consultant after our baby was born, and likewise it made a significant impact to have a knowledgeable resource and support person to assist us with sleep health. Our baby has learned key skills and we are all getting the sleep we need, so our whole family is functioning at a higher level, in better health and better moods. We will definitely be coming back to work with her when our family expands again!"

Kate W., CA, Child was 6 months of age at time of gentle sleep coaching

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