Hi, I’m Joanna.

I help sleep-deprived families become well-rested by guiding parents how to tenderly and gently teach their child the skills of sleep.

Did you know that new parents lose an average of 44 total days of sleep during their baby’s first year of life, an astonishing 1,055 hours of lost sleep on average?

I’ve devoted nearly a decade helping over 800 families—literally helping over 2,400 individuals—achieve restful sleep and restore balance to their lives. 

As a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach SM , I offer a proven, evidence-based alternative approach to the dreaded "cry-it-out" methodology. I’m part of a world-wide network of Gentle Sleep Coaches who partner with pediatricians, doulas, and lactation specialists to care and support families just like yours.

Solve your child’s sleep struggles once and for all-so everyone finally sleeps again. Easy and calm bedtimes, quiet, peaceful nights, reliable naps and confident parenting are yours.

Sleep is Bliss, Let's Get You More!

How Broken Sleep Affects Your Child's Development


Parents Rave About the results of Gentle Sleep Coaching


“I would 1000% recommend working with Joanna of Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching”

“Working with someone who is so experienced and so well educated, who offers a gentle, compassionate, child empowering approach to sleep training is one of the most amazing experiences there is. In my ongoing experience working with Joanna, implementing the hundreds of tips she has given us for baby #1 and Baby #2, I have seen firsthand the improvements sleep can make in a child’s life. Joanna gave us so much guidance that I would have never thought of on my own, and I am so thankful for her.”

– Kate T. Nashville TN, Child was 20 months old at time of guilt-free, gentle sleep coaching.


“It will be the best money you ever spent SERIOUSLY and TRULY!“  

“"Joanna was so knowledgeable, open and honest about the process and expectations that I felt very encouraged to proceed. As I had already tried sleep coaching on my own, before I looked for a sleep coach, I knew that I had reached the point where I did not know how to continue on my own. I knew then that I had made the right choice and that it is not wrong to need help and to find and accept that help. It is healthy and can be the best thing you do for yourself and your family to receive help from someone so educated, experienced and practiced in their area of expertise. You have a pediatrician right? a pediatric dentist? then why not an amazing Sleep Coach? I am absolutely amazed at my daughter's progress in communication skills and willingness to go down for naps and bedtime peacefully and quickly. I could not more highly recommend Joanna."

-Brynn W. Hawaii, Child was 15 months at time of guilt-free, gentle sleep coaching. 


Attention working parents! 

"If your baby is not sleeping through the night, call Joanna now! My 9-month-old son was still not sleeping through the night, and I was getting ready to start a new, demanding position at work. One night, in tears at 3 am, I told my husband I’d have to pass up this work opportunity because I knew I could not be who I needed to be at work and at home if the lack of sleep persisted. Without judgment, Joanna walked us through the concepts of Sleep Science and Gentle Sleep Coaching, and completely explained WHY our child was having such a difficult time and how to solve it. The results were amazing! My child went from waking up multiple times a night, to solid sleep for 10+ hours and predictable, easy naps. Several months later, everyone in the house is much happier, and I’m now 4 months into the dream job I’d have given up without Joanna’s help."

– Michaela A., San Diego, CA, Child was 9-month-old at time of guilt-free, gentle sleep coaching


Sleep Matters—To Everyone

There is No Need to "Cry-It-Out", I Offer Guilt-Free, Gentle Sleep Coaching

With proven, evidence-based methods, an expert, signature process, and full-service support, I help you tenderly teach the “skills of sleep” to your child.

Easy and calm bedtimes, quiet, peaceful nights, reliable naps and confident parenting are yours.

Sleep is Bliss, Let’s Get you More!