Infants: 6-12 Months

This age is the “sweet spot” for successful sleep coaching. Babies 6-12 months are ready to learn the life skills of self-soothing to sleep. Use this age and stage to your advantage to enjoy a “rock star” sleeper in 2-3 weeks.

"Before we started working with Joanna, we had worked with another sleep coach and I had read several books on sleep training. I felt like we were “almost there” with getting our 10 month old son to sleep through the night, but he refused to stop waking between 3-4am wanting to breast feed. We had tried having my husband offer him water instead, or letting him cry it out, but we would always give in because we couldn’t handle a baby screaming for hours on end. Additionally, I was unable to fall back asleep after getting out of bed to feed him and starting my day at 4am was killing me. I was feeling very stressed and exhausted. I was struggling often with the thought of why we had decided to become parents, I was resenting my perfect son because I was just so exhausted after 10 months of not sleeping! It was also affecting my husband’s mood and his productivity at work. I knew we needed help and we needed sleep!

Joanna was recommended by a friend, who had had great success with her services. Immediately, I knew she was different from the previous sleep coach we had worked with in that she wanted to know every detail about our son and our lives. She took the time to understand the impact the sleep issues were having on our family and was very empathetic to what we were experiencing. She learned about our son and was able to identify exactly what steps we needed to take to help him transition to sleeping through the night. And now after just a few weeks he does!

Everything is better now that he sleeps 11-12 hours a night and takes two good naps a day without fighting. My husband and I are both well rested and get to spend quality time together in the evening after he goes to bed. We are confident that we will have a good night’s sleep every night. I am no longer nervous at nap time, praying that he will go down easily. I have received compliment from babysitters, daycare, and my mother in law on what a good sleeper he is. I am confident that we are doing the right thing for his development by getting him the rest he really needs every night. I would recommend her to anyone who is planning on having a baby, even just for an educational session on sleep science. I am incredibly grateful for Joanna and so happy we had the opportunity to do this sleep training process with her".-Ana R. Lake Forest, California, child was 10 months old at time of sleep coaching

e called Joanna for our second child. Our first kid is a great sleeper, we never expected to have such a hard time with our second. We were exhausted confused and we did not know what to try next!!! A friend of mine told me about Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching and I immediately called. Joanna was great and I could tell from our initial conversation that she will be able to help us. We followed Joanna’s Plan and after 3 days our 7 months old baby was sleeping trough the night and napping. Joanna and her method was a god send, she help us every step of the way, week days and weekends you name it, she was there. Thank you Joanna for giving our son the gift of sleep. Merci Merci!!!!!"
- M. Miller, child was 7 months old at time of sleep coaching

"Joanna got our family the proper rest we so desperately needed! For 10 months, I nursed Josephine to sleep and co-slept every night. While this was a lovely time, it wasn’t sustainable. Joanna gave us the tools we needed to be successful and because she was there to coach us each step of the way, getting Josephine to sleep through the night was so much easier than we had anticipated. With Joanna’s expertise and guidance, sleep training will work for your family."
– Carin T., Houston, TX, 9-month-old baby

"Joanna gave us our lives back. My son Simon was, perhaps, one of her most difficult cases. If she could help us, she can help anyone. At nine months, Simon was still waking up every 1-3 hours throughout the night like a newborn and requiring a bottle and lots of rocking/bouncing/walking at each waking to fall back asleep. He ended up in our bed every night, but none of us were sleeping. And his naps were a mess. He had undiagnosed silent reflux. We were all miserable. Joanna was wonderful: flexible, compassionate, and supportive. Now, when I lay Simon in his crib, I do a little happy dance. He goes right to sleep, and he takes two great naps. If I ever have a third baby, I’m lining up Joanna’s services from the delivery room."
– L. Raber, Houston, TX, 9-month-old baby

"Sleep training was the best thing I’ve done for myself and for my child. I felt like I already knew a lot about babies and sleeping, but with my second child, I needed some help with nighttime feedings and transitioning out of the swaddle. I also wanted to improve daytime napping. With Joanna’s knowledge and encouragement, we were able to successfully wean the middle of the night feedings as well as to get the baby to sleep without a swaddle and create a consistent and easy nap routine all within about two weeks. The best part is that we did this in a way that was calm and peaceful for my son. To this day, he is still an excellent sleeper."
– Oliver’s mom, Sonoma, CA, 7-month-old baby

"We were sleepless and desperate. It was a horrible combination. We had tried everything to get our boy-girl twins to start sleeping better once they turned 6 months. Yet, nothing was working, and I was running on fumes. Nap times were also totally unpredictable. How could two babies you love so much have you on the brink of despair? After our first session with Joanna, I felt at ease. We provided an overview of their individual sleeping habits and developed an action plan.  In those first days of using the gentle sleep method, Joanna was very responsive and available, especially regarding our boy twin’s progress. She read every word of our logs and helped us find humor during this transition period.  She understood the nursing bond that I had with my twins and was able to put into words what I sometimes had difficulty expressing.  After an intense two months, we made significant progress.  We went from a bedtime routine that could last up to two hours to a more concise process that helped our twins learn to put themselves to sleep. She helped us stay together as a team, too. Today, we marvel at the difference that Joanna made. While books may give you ideas, it took a wonderful consultant like Joanna to turn the ideas into practice steps, hold us accountable and encourage our learning through the exhaustion and tears (parents especially).  I wholeheartedly recommend Joanna to families looking to bring peace back to their sleep routines so that your child/children can have more consistent sleep.  Better nights lead to better days and better days lead to better nights."
– Erica and Roy C., Houston, TX, 7-month-old twins

"Prior to Joanna's help, Daisy's sleep was a mess: she had an occasional 20-minute nap here and there, and at night she was waking up to breastfeed up to 6 times between 7pm and 7am. Daisy could not self regulate/soothe herself, and relied solely on sleep crutches from Mum to go to sleep. She was exhausted and so were we.  We didn't want to just let her scream for hours until she passed out through exhaustion. Joanna literally changed our lives! We worked together, and as cliche as it sounds, it worked! Daisy is now a perfect sleeper. She naps twice a day and sleeps through the night 7pm-7am. She also self-regulates and soothes herself and my husband can now help out for bedtimes. We are so glad we made that phone call to Joanna. We are all much happier because of it."
Hayley T. Houston, TX, 9-month-old baby

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