Do You need a Baby sleep coach? Yes, you do!

Many parents contact me when the approach they’ve been taking towards their child’s sleep no longer works. Everyone in the household is tired, and no one is happy.

Don't live life in a sleep-deprived haze—make a commitment to improve the situation for your whole family. 

You would benefit from a sleep coach if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Anxiety and distress over “cry-it-out”—and desire for an alternate method

  • Difficult and long bedtime routine that leaves everybody drained

  • Broken, non-restorative sleep from multiple night wakings

  • Disagreement between parents in managing an appropriate approach to child’s sleep challenges

  • Desire to eliminate night feeding—and guidance on how to do it gently and compassionately

  • Exhausted from waking too early in the morning

  • Trepidation over transition from co-sleeping to a crib, or from a crib to a toddler bed

  • Short or non-existent naps or nap transitions—resulting in crabby, overtired child

  • Helplessness in the face of child’s night terrors

  • Worry over best strategies when going back to work after maternity leave

  • Difficulty in re-establishing healthy sleep habits after arrival of new sibling, travel, holidays, or lifestyle changes

  • Relentless self-doubt and guilt about current sleep routines

Are you ready to make a change?

Imagine how you’d feel with:

  • A smooth, stress-free bedtime routine

  • A child that sleeps through the night without sleep crutches

  • Consolidated, restorative sleep for both parents and child

  • A well-rested, happy, smiley baby/child

  • Better naps at predictable times

  • More confidence and less guilt in parenting choices about sleep

  • A new and improved rhythm to your day and night routines

  • More free time—for yourself, and as a couple

Well-Rested families are happier families.

My tenured, expert guidance and support gets you there.

  • I offer a unique, full-service approach to resolve all sleep challenges resulting in calm, easy bedtimes, peaceful nights, reliable naps, marital harmony, and predictable schedules to allow more free-time for yourself or as a couple.

  • My customized approach includes a comprehensive consultation, a detailed sleep plan and personalized guidance with live phone support to implement and adjust your sleep plan, step-by-step and day-by day.

  • We will achieve your sleep goals — and once again, sleep will be bliss.

  • I have successfully guided over 800 families through my unique signature process, that is over 2400 family members now living a well-rested life.