Guilt-Free and Gentle Sleep Coaching Services:

You’re tired, and you need support.

You’re here because you’re searching for answers, support, and a solution that gets you—and your family—better sleep, and more of it. You’ve read the books, you’ve done your research, and you’ve sought answers from family, friends, and your child’s pediatrician. All that information can be conflicting and confusing, especially when you’re exhausted.

You’re in the right place.

You need accurate information and guidance for your unique situation. Together, we can get you and your family on the track to a harmonious, more rested life. Remember, I offer 45 minute Sleep Strategy Sessions so you can get that expert perspective and insight! Click link above or the “Let’s Talk” link on this page to schedule time to solve your child’s sleep struggles once and for all!

I offer live support and tenured, expert guidance to:

  • Provide you an alternative to the “cry-it-out” approaches through an evidence-based proven system.

  • I offer guilt-free, gentle approach to tenderly teach your child the “skills of sleep”

  • Gently implement changes through one-on-one support and live daily phone guidance that promotes success in your individualized sleep plan.

  • Expertly guide you through the necessary changes that gets you and your child consolidated, restorative sleep.

  • I have helped over 800 families sleep through the night, that is over 2,400 families members sleeping better and living a well-rested life. There is no need to live in a sleep deprived haze when hope and help is available. Let me help your family too.

  • I offer a SLEEP SUCCESS GUARANTEE on the Hold-my-Hand sleep coaching services.

The following are my packages for children Newborn to 6 years:

Hold-My-Hand Virtual Sleep Coaching Package

Transform your child's sleep through my expert support and signature, customized process.

As your personal “sleep detective”, I provide you my tenured, expert guidance and full-service support to get your family where it needs to be: well-rested. Because each family and child is unique, I analyze every detail with you and everything is based on evidence-based methodology. The result is customized, guilt-free, and gentle sleep coaching process that results to BLISSFUL sleep for you all in 2-4 weeks!

The Hold-my-Hand Sleep Coaching Package Offers a Complete Family Sleep Transformation for Nights and Naps:

  • A gentle, attachment-focused and reassuring approach to sleep coaching that minimizes tears and frustration for child and parents.

  • Guilt-Free sleep coaching builds your parent-child bond and promotes good sleep habits.

  • Personalized guidance and ongoing live phone support to help you tenderly teach "the skills of sleep" by adjusting your plan, step-by-step and day-by-day to meet the child's needs and increase accountability and success with your individual sleep plan.

  • My tenured expertise, extensive resources, and ongoing live phone support constitute an evidence-based, proven system for lasting results such as:

    • Smooth, drama-free bedtime routine…in other words, NO crying-it-out.

    • Quiet, peaceful nights with uninterrupted sleep for child and parents

    • Predictable and Reliable naps so baby wakes up happy

    • Confidence and collaboration and less stress for easier parenting and joyful days

    • Feeling united and in alignment with your partner and parenting values.

    • Increased adult free time and energy, for you and as a couple

  • It's a Worry-Free & Guilt-Free process that includes a SLEEP SUCCESS GUARANTEE!

"I like to think of Joanna as another member of our birth team. It made a huge difference to get support from our pediatrician, midwife, and lactation consultant after our baby was born, and likewise it made a significant impact to have a knowledgeable resource and support person to assist us with sleep health. Our baby has learned key skills and we are all getting the sleep we need, so our whole family is functioning at a higher level, in better health and better moods. We will definitely work with Joanna when our family expands."

-K. White, CA, Child was 6 months old at time of guilt free-gentle sleep coaching

Prepare for Sleep Coaching Success: A step-by-step program for easier, guilt-free, and successful sleep coaching

Invest to Prepare for Sleep Coaching Success

This self-study program is the perfect solution for sleep-deprived and overwhelmed parents that want to improve the chaotic sleep situation in their household. There is no doubt that proper preparation and planning is a prerequisite for easier and successful sleep coaching. This step-by-step, self-paced program is bursting with amazing suggestions and resources that will offer clarity and confidence to prepare for and begin your journey toward a family sleep transformation.

Got Kids: Need Sleep Triage Session

Invest in a Got Kids Need Sleep Triage Session $300

Is there sleep chaos in your home. Do you need answers immediately! In this laser coaching session, we will explore the most difficult area of your child’s sleep struggles. Together we will unravel the most important challenge so we can define your “bridge” to peaceful nights and determine next steps to resolve the disruptive sleep situation once and for all. If, after our time together, you desire to keep moving forward with me for a complete sleep transformation and implementation and accountability than you can apply this investment toward a coaching package purchased in the 2 weeks after our triage session. How cool is that? Get Help Now!

Sleep Preservation Package for Newborns

Invest in Newborn Education: $400

Designed for Expectant or Newborn Parents (0-5 months). This consultation is guaranteed to educate you on promoting good sleep habits while your baby is a newborn—or even before he or she arrives. During this 90-minute phone consultation, we review important information about sleep science and the developmental needs of your newborn (0-5 months). We discuss realistic and appropriate month-to-month sleep expectations and gentle routines to get you and your new family off to the best start possible.

  • 90-minute consultation for new or expectant parents

  • Two check-in calls lasting 15 minutes within 1 month of the consultation

Get Sleep Back on Track Package

Invest in Get Sleep Back on Track: $595

Life happens, sleep slides: seasonal time changes, travel, new sibling, weekend at grandma’s. When your perfect sleeper regresses, nip new bad habits in the bud and get back on track. This is the perfect package for past clients or for parents who have already sleep coached their child, but are in the middle of a sleep regression. Parents benefit from a thorough analysis and consultation and live coaching support to get sleep back on track.

  • 90-minute consultation

  • Written sleep plan

  • One hour live phone coaching support while implementing sleep plan

  • Review of daily sleep logs with insight and directives

  • Additional coaching offered at $80/30 minutes

Select Your Time

Sleep-Tune-Up Time: buy time for Questions?

$40 per 15 minute coaching session.

For parents seeking clarity on current sleep habits, this option is for quick phone questions and tune-ups..
Time is available for purchase in 15-minute increments.

Host a “Slumber Party”: Let's talk sleep tips with your friends

Free for Hostess, $30 per Guest

Enter Hostess Name

Do you and your friends have a million questions about child sleep and behavior? Let’s talk sleep tips! Host a “slumber party”—live or via Zoom videoconferencing—to talk juicy tips and tricks so the whole family can finally sleep again.

  • Two hours, hosted at your home or via my Zoom Room

  • Minimum of 4 guests

  • Free for you, $30 for your guests

  • Live Slumber Party travel area is within 10 miles’ radius of Mountain View, CA

Additional Hourly Phone Support

Follow-up Phone Support: $160

Four additional phone coaching calls (totaling one hour of support) for existing clients who need more support or who need a “tune-up” during a their child’s sleep transitions. We update the sleep plan and review nap and nighttime sleep logs. You receive daily review of logs and live phone support while making adjustments to the updated sleep plan. Any unused time will be refunded accordingly.

Gift Certificates

Sleep is a precious gift. I offer gift certificates to be applied towards my services.

Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule your consultation — I’ve set aside the time for you. A full refund (minus $15 processing fee) will be returned to clients who, within a week of the purchase date, decide that a sleep consultation is no longer needed. Refund requests received after 7 days of purchase date will be provided after deducting a $50 processing fee.

Sleep Coaching Guidelines

Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching does not offer medical advice, services, or treatment to its clients. If you are concerned about a medical issue related to your child, we urge you to contact your doctor or pediatrician immediately.