Great Success Stories: Tales from Grateful Clients!

Sleep Baby=Happy Baby=Happy Mommy!

Sleep Baby=Happy Baby=Happy Mommy!


It is so wonderful to hear parents tell their "before and after" sleep stories. Here are two inspiring stories that prove peaceful nights are possible!!! I have helped over 500 clients...I can help you too. Don't hesitate to reach out to talk live and find out how Gentle Sleep Coaching can work for your family.


Kathleen P.  from GA: Child was 2 years old at time of sleep coaching

"When our daughter was 18 months old, she took an hour on average to fall asleep for naps and bedtime, and then woke every 2-4 hours.  She was sleeping on our guest mattress on the floor because she couldn’t fall asleep without me (her mother) right beside her, and often wouldn’t sleep unless I stayed the rest of the night.  She was completely dependent upon me to sleep, so much so that she’d scream until I arrived if my husband tried to help alone.  I was beyond exhausted and really had no idea what to do.  I was afraid of sleep training, fearing it would ruin her trust and secure attachment with me.  Friends and family had told me “She’ll eventually sleep through the night on her own”, so I kept waiting. 

I finally called Joanna out of desperation after a particularly horrible night of no sleep.  It had to change or I felt like moving out!  I immediately felt comfortable with Joanna, as she reassured me she could help and that she understood where we were coming from.  She thoroughly explained her approach and the sleep science behind why it works.  As a team of 3, she helped us create a sleep plan that was exactly what my daughter needed.  Because of my daughter’s age and numerous sleep crutches, we all thought it would take many weeks to train her.  We were thrilled when she was sleep trained after only 11 days, and was nap trained after 12.  She now sleeps a full 12 hours at night in her crib, and requires no participation from us to fall asleep.  It is the true definition of bliss.

I want to shout it from the rooftops that sleep training is beneficial and necessary!  I wish I had known that falling asleep on your own is a learned skill, not one you just wait for your child to figure out.  I strongly urge any parent struggling with exhaustion to please call Joanna and trust her.  Her approach is truly gentle, and has saved our sanity and happiness as parents.  We could not have done this without her, and are so happy with what we’ve achieved with her guidance."


M. Miller, Michigan:  Child was 7 month old at time of sleep coaching

"We called Joanna for our second child. Our first kid is a great sleeper, we never expected to have such a hard time with our second. We were exhausted confused and we did not know what to try next!!! A friend of mine told me about Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching and I immediately called. Joanna was great and I could tell from our initial conversation that she will be able to help us. We followed Joanna’s Plan and after 3 days our 7 months old baby was sleeping trough the night and napping.  Joanna and her method was a god send, she help us every step of the way, week days and weekends you name it, she was there.

Thank you Joanna for giving our son the gift of sleep. Merci Merci!!!!!"