Sleep is a learned skill.

Gentle Sleep Coaching helps you teach it.

Parenting is full of important decisions. Sleep coaching is one of them. As a parent, you do your best when you’re energetic and emotionally present. When you’re tired, it’s infinitely harder to meet your child’s needs with the energy and enthusiasm you know you’re capable of.

Going to sleep independently and peacefully—and staying asleep—is a learned skill. As parents, we sometimes assume that sleeping is a developmental milestone that comes naturally, yet healthy sleep habits are a learned skill.  Like any skill, its mastery requires coaching, practice and time. We parents are coaches in countless ways every day, so it is perfectly appropriate to gently and safely coach your child on this skill, too. In teaching it, you give a lifelong gift to your child.

Let me show you how. Let me give you confidence in this aspect of parenting.

What makes me different?

  • I offer an alternative to the “cry it out” methodology. I offer a guilt-free, gentle approach.

  • I offer a full-service, proven system to promote a gentle, reassuring, gradual change that results in drama-free, easy bedtimes, peaceful nights, reliable naps, marital harmony and predictable schedules to allow for more free time for yourself.

  • I offer comprehensive pediatric sleep consultations, conducted in-person and over the phone/ZOOM video conference, followed by high-freqency, individualized phone coaching to help you implement and adjust your sleep plan, step-by-step and day-by day until you reach your sleep goals.

Simply put, my expert guidance and support gets you and your family where you need to be: well-rested.